Clean Air Asia led the development of the Guidance Framework for Better Air Quality in Asian Cities (Guidance Framework) to provide a recognized guidance on improving urban air quality.

This voluntary, non-binding document consists of seven individually published books with these main titles based on priority areas of concern in the region: 

The document comes with an Information Sourcebook, a compilation of resources to support the implementation of Guidance Framework. There is also an accompanying training course, available online in the Integrated Programme for Better Air Quality (IBAQ Programme) website:www.cleanairasia.org/ibaq

The Guidance Framework was developed together with a team of international and regional experts and practitioners and has undergone an extensive review process through the Governmental Meetings and with the involvement of external reviewers. The document was also shared in a number of international events, including the Asia Pacific Clean Air Partnership (APCAP) Joint Forum organized by UNEP ROAP in November 2015. The Guidance Framework was welcomed by participants from 24 countries in Asia and the Pacific, involving environment ministries, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and experts.